What is the Butsusita?


Mashroba planned to produce Buddha-themed products that make people smile. Coincidently, we met a socks manufacturer in Nara. We launched a project to produce socks with Buddist statue inspired characters. We named its brand “BUTSUSHITA”.

Our first item is Jaki socks.



What are BUTSUSHITA Jaki socks?


The character on these socks is Jaki. A Jaki is a demon-like creature often stepped on by Shitenno, the Four Heavenly Kings.

By wearing these socks, you can feel the power to get rid of demons, or sometimes observe them as they float about, or be surprised by them when you take off your shoes.

These funny socks brighten your daily life.


Back in the summer of 2018, Mashroba’s designer talked with friends who are Buddhist statue lovers about this new socks idea.What kind of socks do you want? Maybe Jaki stepping socks would be fun!

Then, we started our research and found there are three main types of Jaki.(This is our personal observation.)

butsusita 赤鬼グレー

Type 1: Mysteriously smiling Jaki.

Although Jaki are stepped on by Shitenno, they are smiling. They most likely have ulterior motives.

They look like they are saying, “This don’t hurt. It’s ain’t no big thing.”

 butsusita 青鬼レッド

Type 2: Angry Jaki.“Why do they step on me?”

They are frustrated by Shitenno’s stepping.

They act like they are victims.

“I’m just doing my work. How dare you step on me with an attitude like that?” Raaaaarrr!His face looks as though he is roaring.


Type 3: Surrendering Jaki.

They look pathetically desperate to be stepped on by the Shitenno.

“Ouch! Stop it! I’m powerless...” They give up fighting immediately.He looks as though he regrets wrongdoings.

We apply a different skin color for each type of Jaki: Red, Blue, and Green.


  • Red Jaki (Type 1) is printed on gray socks so that his boldness and red body pop.
  • Blue Jaki (Type 2) is printed on red socks in order to intensify his anger.
  • Green Jaki (Type 3) is printed on navy blue socks so that he looks powerless.

Three types of Jaki. Each one unique.Every Jaki is adorable.


We hope users have fun when they wear these whimsical socks.

A Jaki is hiding beneath your foot.

Now! I am stepping on a Jaki!

Channeling like this gives us powers like the Shitenno.But… maybe we feel a bit guilty?

Playful socks for all Buddhist statue lovers.

We developed these items with a socks manufacturer in Nara prefecture.


↑At the socks factory

Nara is known as the largest socks producing region in Japan.Imanishi Socks Co., Ltd. is located in Takada city where many local manufacturers thrive.

We were happy to work with this renowned, highly skilled socks company. Although the concept is very unique and the products are niche, the president of Imanishi Socks graciously accepted our production order.

Thanks to their excellent skill and quality, we are able to offer Buddha themed socks.

It is our honor to create a one of a kind product with a local manufacturer in Nara, the same place where we can see the largest collection of Buddhist statues in Japan.

We hope our Butsushita socks’ popularity spreads around the world.