What is the Butsusita?


I want a Buddha image item that can be worn anytime, anywhere.

I want to make Buddha image goods that will make you smile…

When I thought so, I got a connection with a socks company in Nara prefecture.
We have released socks named "Butsusita" with the motif of Buddha statue!

The first memorable one is the Jaki-socks with the motif of "evil demon" stepped on by the four heavenly kings!



What is the Butsusita Jaki socks?


Socks with the motif of the "Jaki(evil demon)" stepped on by the four heavenly kings.

Wearing these socks, you can step on the Jaki hidden in the soles of your feet in the mood of the four heavenly kings, take a peek at them once in a while, or when you forget to wear them and take off your shoes, you will be surprised by yourself.

Make every day fun and happy with playful socks ♪


Around the summer of 2018, while talking with friends about what kind of socks with Buddha motifs would be interesting, it might be interesting to make socks that can step on Jaki! What a wonderful idea came out.

First of all, I searched books on Buddha statues and image searches on the Internet to find out what kind of Jaki there are, and found that there are about 3 types of Jaki! (It ’s my personal opinion.)

butsusita 赤鬼グレー

The first is the "Jaki with a fearless smile for some reason" type.

It is a type of Jaki that seems to have some thoughts and speculations even if it is stepped on by the four heavenly kings.

"I'm stepped on, but it doesn't hurt, and I can afford it at all," he said with a voice in his heart.

 butsusita 青鬼レッド

The second is the type of Jaki who gets angry, "Why should I be stepped on!"

Dissatisfied with being stepped on by the four heavenly kings.

It's a type of Jaki that can't help being angry at being stepped on.

It's an expression of Jaki who wants to say, "I'm not bad at all, and the four heavenly kings are so great in the first place ?!"


The third is the type of Jaki that seems to be very painful.

It is a "give up" type that is completely surrendered when stepped on by the four heavenly kings.

It is Jaki with a feeling of remorse, saying, "It's painful, it hurts, don't step on it anymore, and I won't do anything wrong."

These three types of evil demons were created in the illustrations and divided into red demons, blue demons, and green demons, respectively.


  • The base color of the fabric of the red demon socks is gray so that the sense of leeway and the red body stand out.
  • The base color of the fabric of blue demon's socks is red, as if to emphasize anger.
  • The base color of the socks of the green demon is dark blue so that it is sloppy.

Jaki of three parties. Every evil demon is too much cuteness.


Butsusita Jaki socks featuring such lovable evil demons.

Please accompany your feet. You notice they are lurking in the soles of your feet! "Now! I'm stepping on".

"It's fun and you can feel like the four heavenly kings, but it's a little pitiful ?!" We made socks that make you think so!

Socks full of playfulness for all Buddha lovers.

We made it with a socks company in Nara prefecture.


↑At the socks factory

Nara Prefecture is known as Japan's number one producer of socks.We made "Butsusita socks" with a Buddha statue as a motif together with a socks company in Yamatotakada City, Nara Prefecture, which has a high level of sock manufacturing technology.

With the kindness of the president of the socks company, we are now able to make niche and maniac socks.

Socks made with reliable technique and quality.
We were able to make things with a company in Nara prefecture in Nara prefecture, which is a treasure trove of Buddha statues.

We hope that Butsusita, which was created by this thankful relationship, will spread to the world.


Please wear it in such a situation!

・Of course, when you see Buddha! (When going to a temple to see a Buddha statue)
・For everyday use (just thinking that you are wearing such socks makes it fun)
・When you take off your shoes (you can appeal to Buddha lovers. Claim your individuality)