About Mashroba


Emperor Kinmei, who saw the Buddha statue for the first time in the Kofun period when Buddhism was introduced, was impressed by the beauty of the Buddha's face.

A "Buddha statue" that has fascinated people since ancient times. I am also one of the people who was captivated by the Buddha statue.

I want to express the world of Buddha in bright and beautiful colors and create something that is fun and healing.

Mashroba is a store of cool and cute Buddha statue goods dedicated to those who never forget their playfulness.マシュロバ


Born in 1980. I learned design from high school and visual design, product design and fashion design at a vocational school.

After graduating from a vocational school, I joined a TV station and was involved in making posters and sweets packages for dramas.

After that, I was involved in a lot of design work such as designing famous characters at a design company in charge of accessory design of an apparel maker, creating illustrations, designing school bags at a bag factory, in charge of catalogs, and organizing photographs of Buddha statues at a museum.

I moved from Saitama to my favorite Nara in 2009, and after getting married and giving birth, I started making Buddhist statue goods.